3 Kick



Health Clubs can now offer a fresh new alternative of fun while getting an awesome full body workout! “3 Kick” is a heavy duty commercial grade machine that will be loved by youth, kick boxers, instructors, trainers and those that just want to have fun competing with friends while getting a great workout! 3 Kick is designed with proprietary and resilient foam pads that can be punched, kicked, slapped, or tapped with shoes or bare feet, a fist, or an open palm. A light comes on in the pad and an audible tone sounds, when the pad is hit the light goes off and randomly another comes on. The score is based on speed and more points are allocated the faster you move, making it easy to track your daily progress. 3 Kick is simple to use, fun, and built strong for years of use.



  • Each round is a timed event (the owner of the 3 Kick controls allotted time).

  • 1 to 3 players get in the ring, any pad is kicked and the game begins.

  • A light inside a foam pad will illuminate and an audible signal will sound.

  • That light will stay on for 5 seconds or until the corresponding pad is either hit or kicked.

  • Randomly another light will come on and will stay on until the pad is punched or kicked.

  • As the targets are hit, points accumulate and are displayed as the game is played.

  • As response time increases, more points are added to your score lending even more excitement to the round!

  • Time Allocation

    Simple start option

    Variable time allocation increments

  • iPhone/iPod/MP3/4 Hookup

    Able to play your own music through the speakers on the unit while in game play and in standby.

  • Multi-Player

    Several new competition modes for Multi-Player gaming


  • Scoring history

    Individual and group high score record recording and display.


  • Score Loss

    Loss of score for hitting wrong pad.


  • Custom Sounds

    Custom sounds for post notification, correct pad hit notification and incorrect pad hit notification.


  • Easy Touch Buttons

    New LCD display with brighter display quality and resolution.




Simple and user-friendly set time and play.

Faster With More Accuracy

The faster and more accurate you are the higher you score.

User Friendly

Large easy to see time and score display.


Multi pitch tones indicating activated target.


Random pattern sequence making it harder to detect a pattern.

Response Time

Machine response time in milliseconds.

  • Easy Touch Buttons

    New LCD display with brighter display quality and resolution.

  • Better Visibility

    Newly designed light rings for better visibility.


  • Increased Reliability

    Automated circuit board construction for increased reliability.


  • Assurance Standards

    Performance to clear quality assurance standards.


  • Robust Shock

    Robust shock minimizing design elements.


  • Made In U.S.A

    Performance to clear quality assurance standards.


  • & Much Much More....

    Performance to clear quality assurance standards.



With Dimensions of:
US 53” W X 121” L X 68” H

And Weight:
Metric 135 cm W X 307 cm L X 172 cm H

3 KICK will make a nice addition to your place.

 3 Kick Games

MVP: Individual competition using all post.
Double Team: 2 person team competition using all post.
Triple Team: 3 person team competition using all post.
Three on Three: 3 person competition using all 3 post with individual scores..