Heavy Ball

Heavy Ball

Features : 

Made of heavy stainless steel material, the HeavyBall offers youth ages 5-12, a fun and unique work out experience! This exciting piece of equipment uses a 4 lb. 6 lb. or 8 lb. medicine ball of your choice and can be configured in a variety of ways to conveniently fit many different space constraints. Priced reasonably, it is a great value for any youth fitness or exer-gaming facility. The med ball has the child picking up weight, moving it back and forth, lifting it, and getting an aerobic work-out, while having a good time.

The object of this fun, new, interactive game is to put the medicine ball into the hole with the light on, and retrieve it from the archway below, then quickly move it to the next hole with the light on. The player races the clock for the high score. Points are allocated based on speed and the competition between players or with themselves makes this naturally FUN!


Heavyball Games : 

  1. MVP: Individual competition using all chutes.
  2. Chase: Individual competition using all post in order left to right.
  3. Double Team: 2 person team competition using all chutes one ball.
  4. Head to Head: 2 person competition using two sides and individual scores.


  1. Simple start option
  2. Variable time allocation increments
  3. iPhone/iPod/MP 3/4 hookup (Able to play your own music through the speakers on the unit while in game play and in standby.)
  4. iPhone/iPod/MP 3/4 cradle
  5. Scoring history (Individual and group high score record recording and display)
  6. Loss of score for hitting wrong pad
  7. Several new competition modes for Multi-Player gaming
  8. Custom sounds for post notification, correct pad hit notification and incorrect pad hit notification (You can upload custom sound files from an SD card to the unit)
  9. Club admin access with password protect (Used to change settings of the machine and update the programming when available)
  10. Built in USB port for easy upgrades
  11. Control panel touch access to volume control
  12. Easy touch buttons and indicators
  13. New LCD display with brighter display quality and resolution
  14. Newly designed light rings for better visibility
  15. Increased energy efficiency including sleep mode
  16. Robust shock minimizing design elements
  17. Automated circuit board construction for increased reliability
  18. Performance to clear quality assurance standards.
  19. Made in the USA!
  • and much, much more!!!


  • US 42” W X 47” L X 52” H
  • Metric 107 cm W X 119 cm L X 132 cm H

Total Weight

  • US 370 lbs
  • Metric 168 kg